Where to Park the Little House

The experience of alternative, affordable living, downsizing and economical consciousness is something we both want to share with our community. With completion of our home build (aiming for December 2015) we would be thrilled to relocate to the Petaluma/Novato area. A farm, garden or backyard would be just perfect!

How does this work?

We can offer a work/trade possibility, reimbursement for space use and/or water and electrical utility use. In exchange we would require minimal outdoor space for the house and possible water and electrical hook up.

– More About Us

Tim, 32, works for the Recreation and Parks Department of San Francisco as a gardener. Growing up in the wine country with a large family in a large house, going tiny is a new adventure! Hiking, caring for our vegetable garden, wood and metal work are some of his loved hobbies/professions. He’s also a big kid at heart and our niece and nephew couldn’t have a better play mate.

Celeste, 24, is an independent hairstylist who loves to read, be outdoors, bake and research tiny houses! She has lived in the area for most of her life and has a passion for the creative, minimal and eco life style.

Haku is our 3 year old rescue lab mix, we adopted him as a small puppy. He loves to eat, play, nap and repeat. He is good with people/kids and other dogs too!

– Please contact for more information if you are interested in hosting us or know someone who may be interested.


2 thoughts on “Where to Park the Little House”

  1. Hi Russellstevens2014, thank you! We should have another update/photos of the trailer by the end of this week 🙂 We are all set with a building site but once we are finished we would like to find somewhere near Novato/Petaluma to move it and live. Ideally a space we could stay for 1-5 years.


  2. Hey guys. I’m so impressed with that awesome trailer you are building yourself. Way to go! As for building space, that is one of the biggest challenges with tiny houses, especially one as large as yours. You might try contacting Pepper Clark at Tumbleweed. I believe she is open to people building at her property (she offered me space a couple of years ago, but it was too far away) and I know she lives somewhere near Petaluma. Maybe Santa Rosa.

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