Tiny Home, BIG project: Part 2

Hello Lovelies, it’s been a while and I thought the time has come to do a general update. Well, it has been quite the experience, let me tell ya! We have had both of our birthdays pass, our anniversary, and we are into the fall season! My personal favorite.

The last two months we have been focusing on the exterior building process and there is just so much to know. We have run into numerous little issues here and there, nothing we haven’t been able to tweak and solve luckily. From our roofing order not including the proper screws, to our salvaged French doors taking an entire day to install to get the swing just right. It has been exhausting in this mid 90 degree weather, although still very fun and rewarding.

As the house shell is taking shape we are realizing that the more technical little details are now coming into view. It’s all in the details! And boy do the details take time! We have so much behind us and yet so much ahead. Currently, we are installing windows and getting ready to purchase cedar for some interior use as well as our facia and trim.  Making a decision on our siding material and interior sheathing is feeling a tad pressing. Vinyl, reclaimed wood, board and batten, sheet rock, just plywood aah too many choices!

It will all come in time, this I know. I, myself cannot wait to get inside! I feel like things have gone so fast and I know the interior work is really just around the corner 🙂 Talk about tiny details and decision making, finishes are always tedious from what I’ve been told. Wish us luck, give us suggestions or just keep reading and checking back to see what happens next!


One thought on “Tiny Home, BIG project: Part 2”

  1. Making a decision on exterior siding can be super difficult, i agree. If you have any general ideas about the feel of the house, that can help you narrow down the materials. So can limits on weight, or expenses. Another way to go about it is to assemble a proto-exterior using clipped pics of the type of exterior you’re considering, and trying out the different looks using your windows/door/building outline.


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