Prepare to Downsize!

Tim and I began simplifying our life before we made the choice to build a little home on wheels. Moving from a small one bedroom apartment into my mother in laws spare room; we rid ourselves of furniture mostly. We aren’t necessarily minimalists. We have numerous shoes, a good amount of clothing and our kitchenware is abundant.

The REAL downsizing has been, okay thus far haha. About three months into our project and we have donated three Prius hatchbacks full of clothing, kitchen and miscellaneous items we pretty much knew we wouldn’t miss. We are striving for a quiet and simple life, for us that means letting go of things we don’t use, won’t miss or don’t really need. Keeping items that bring us joy is what we are attempting to keep in mind throughout this process.


Here is a photo of an entire truck load of kitchen items, extra blankets and furniture we were glad to give my brother for his first ever new apartment!

This helpful little guide below has proven its worth on our closet! We are down to half a closet of hanging clothes and 4 medium sized dresser drawers each (from 6 drawers each). We still have a bit to go but are happy with the progess.



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